Saturday, March 24, 2007

Memory Lane

After a few choruses of “the hills are alive…” while vacationing in the Austrian mountains, Hedreich is turning her attention to arranging. The background vocals for the upcoming Gölä club tour as well as a couple of new pieces for the choir are in the works.

In commemoration of the death of Brenda Waters in March of 2005, Hedreich is arranging one of the beloved singer/songwriter’s compositions, “Absent from the Body”. When asked why she feels the need to re-arrange such a good arrangement, Hedreich replied, “Replacing my mom’s solo in that song is pretty impossible so I want to do the whole song, including verses, as a choir piece. At first I wasn’t so sure I could do the song at all without falling apart—it’s still so soon—but somehow I manage to swallow the lump in my throat and get through it. It’s such a beautiful song, it would be a shame to let it just sit on the shelf.”

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