Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gospel to Hip-Hop

After the CD drop party Hedreich has just enough time to get ready for a series of Bligg concerts. If you read about the casting call in 20 Minutes, you know that Bligg is looking for a singer to replace longtime partner Lesley Bogart. Until a replacement is found, Hedreich will be doing her “Swiss wannabe” thing with Switzerland’s top Hip-hopper. “For me, it’s a great compliment to be asked to do a job in the Swiss dialect and I’m looking forward to getting as ‘native’ and authentic as I can get,” quips Hedreich. If you want to verify Hedreich’s Swiss German bona fides, check her calendar page to see when they’ll be playing in a neighborhood near you. And stop back soon to catch up on the latest and see and what’s on next. We’ll keep a light on for ya…

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