Saturday, September 11, 2010

The three Ss

Sagibeiz, "Song About..." and standing ovation are the words of the day. First, the Sagibeiz concert was sensational! Greg Galli, Jost Müller and Randy Müller put a perfect live spin on Time Now and Hedreich was, as usual, in top form. To keep it fresh, Hedreich and the Boyz debuted two hot-off-the-press tunes much to the delight of the moving and grooving crowd who rewarded one of Switzerland's best live acts with not one but two standing ovations!

On the video front, "Song About..." has made the transition to tv --did you see it?! If you haven't, here's your chance to watch now . And to keep it in SFtv's top 20, vote now!
And if you haven't yet fugured out what "Song About..." really is about, drop back by in the next few days to get the answer!

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