Monday, June 18, 2012

Marfa Lights

Just as Marfa, Texas is known for it's preternatural light display, the 3rd anniversary concert of  Padre's will definitely be remembered for keeping with the region's reputation! The exceptional idea of having 3 divas in the desert  performing for an eclectic and illustrious audience from just about everywhere, made for a musical manifestation that equaled any one seen on the horizon.  With a red-hot rhythm section carrying melodies from Hedreich as well as Caretta Bell, April Sloan-Hubert  and Horace Alexander Young on Sax, the program was as diverse as it was consummately entertaining.
On another note, this will be the last post before goes 2.0. Nothing too radical, just a few TNG tweaks here and there. Stop back by late Friday for the launch and an interview with our favorite singer by Jeff Strain of Amante International.

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