Monday, June 16, 2008

Hochybrig Open Air

And speaking of Hochybrig, it was a real who’s who of the Swiss popular music scene. Sandee was there and Gölä as well. Even the rain couldn’t stop the party!! And since Hedreich did the vocal arrangements for Gölä’s new CD which debuted at number 1 on the Swiss charts, she sang along with his girls as well!!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Swiss Rap

At last look our Artist was just getting ready to sub on a few Bligg gigs. According to all accounts Hedreich has proven herself more than worthy as a Swiss Singer. The self proclaimed Swiss wannabe broke ground as an American singer and sang—rather authentically—a whole repertoire of Swiss Hip Hop with Switzerland’s premier rapper Bligg.

After getting a couple of club dates under her belt, the proof was in the pudding at this year‘s University of Zürich Polyparty as well as the Hochybrig Open Air. In front of hundreds of cheering fans Hedreich mixed the soul of the music of her people with the strains of Swiss R&B melodies and rhythmic raps. It was a perfect mix. And when Hedreich appeared in a Swiss native costume for the hit single „Volksmusigg“ (Folks music) with Appenzeller greats Alder, it was over except for the shouting!! The sound was hot enough to warm up even the bundled up crowd in a very chilly Hochybrig!

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