Sunday, March 23, 2014

Heb's Guet (Take Care)

Concert time in Bülach

While standing at the cash register in my old home Switzerland, the song "Heb's Guet", from the Swiss band Plüsh, came on. After a few days of music making in Switzerland,  it seems Glarnerland was saying goodbye to me. The song says basically, "take care and hold me in your heart. Whatever comes,  believe in yourself, don't doubt. And when you're at a loss, think of me". I had to hold back the tears. Leaving the place/friends/family I've held dear for 17 years is never easy. But it's a natural part of this journey we call life. People come, go, die, move away, return and occasionally drop off our radar forever. We can only hope that the time we spend with those we love leaves a lasting impression and the solid knowledge of that love.

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