Saturday, April 21, 2012

How Low Can You Go!

What's more fun for a choir director than a really good choir? A really good choir with ELEVEN basses! Eleven Good Basses! In a world where lack of male voices is the rule rather than the exception, 11 basses is almost unheard of. In the Stanser ad hoc choir, this was the perfect foundation for the warm and voluminous sound the singers built during a weekend workshop with Hedreich. Covering the spectrum from Hawkins/Donald Lawrence to Newsboys, the audience got to hear a myriad of styles and rhythms from different kinds of music deemed appropriate for church and worship services. Hedreich even managed to include a short history lesson comparing and contrasting field song versions of Negro Spirituals to "Tuskegee-style" European choral versions. The workshop and ensuing concert were the perfect testament to what can be accomplished when fun, fast-paced teaching meets concentration and talent. As for what's up next? More teaching, more seminars and showcase concerts. Make sure to stop back by or keep up with the minute by minute on twitter or facebook. Better yet, make it a virtual trifecta!

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