Sunday, February 13, 2011

B is for...

...Bligg AKA Marco Bliggensdorfer, Swiss rapper extraordinaire! Hedreich initially turned down the tour because of commitments with Art on Ice, but she got an emergency call from Bligg's team after they completed the first concerts with a good singer who wasn't quite as good a fit as hoped. So, while finishing up the Art on Ice tour, Hedreich started working on music and lyrics for this year's Swiss Music Awards' "Best Urban Album" nominee (vote here). No one at Hedreich's debut performances in Basel and Chur could have ever guessed: She got the material only two days before the first performance! The audiences showed their appreciation-- she was amazing! And just think, she's still got room to grow!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A for Art on Ice...

After all was said and done and the last curtain went down, Art on Ice 2011 was absolutely amazing. Hedreich's choir, the Glarner Inspirational Singers, were on stage to open this year's performance (pictured). They also sang with Katherine Jenkins plus got rave reviews as the Steve Sidwell SFX choir. In addition to wearing more hats than anyone else in the production--which was exhausting--Hedreich, along with Rhonda Dorsey and Corinne Gfeller, made up the background trio for Donna Summer in the second half of the show. What a great foursome. If you missed Donna, be sure to catch her on youtube or SF. She looks and sounds incredible!

With all that, sounds like our favorite divalina will be taking a break...right? Wrong. B is for...

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Monday, February 7, 2011

She Works Hard for the Money

Truer words were never spoken for Hedreich at this year's Art on Ice. She organized and rehearsed the choir, directed them for the opening song, sang in the trio in the opening medley (that was her in the beautiful Sari)while directing the choir, sang in Steve Sidwell's Special FX choir (the Glarner Inspirational Singers and friends), sang with them for 2 Katherine Jenkins' numbers, sang Background for the 2 Gary Scott songs, and was the 'uninvited' shadow walking across the stage on Coco's "Uninvited", as well as one of the invited vocalists on "Objection". And if that wasn't enough, she was one of three vocalists for this year's headliner, Donna Summer. Oh, and she put in a stellar performance at the after -show party, first solo, and then with the Choir and Stèphane Lambiel! No wonder Hedreich's son had no problem singing "She Works Hard for the Money" To "Auntie Donna" after Sunday's Matinee!!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"A voice with POWER"

According to the Zürichseezeitung (Lake Zurich News) the audience almost refused to let Hedreich leave the stage! This year's BMBeautiful concert with guest soloist Hedreich Nichols and MC Linda Fäh (Miss Schweiz 2009) was a concert that will be well remembered by all for years to come. And be on the lookout for Linda. According to Hedreich she's quite the singer as well and we can expect to be seeing more of her in the coming year.
This week, all eyes are on the ice as Hedreich's choir the Inspirational Singers prepares for their performance at Art on Ice 2011. Their work together with Steve Sidwell will be a real show stopper. Hope to see you there!

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