Wednesday, May 21, 2014

All Night Long

I'm sure that when Lionel Ritchie wrote that tune he was not thinking of late night statistics and laundry sharing space with arranging and choreography. But having recently celebrated my son's 10th birthday as well as my 5th Mother's Day as a mom on my own, I realize more than ever that time waits for no one. Five years is a kind of landmark, a time to reflect but mostly a great hallelujah time of "How I Got Over".   It's like the official beginning of a new chapter. Life is a wonderful whirlwind of performances, little league, field trips, instrument acquisition, hunger relief events, band practice, new music, friends, family and well, laundry and permutations. And even when it takes me all night long, I am overjoyed to be able to...well, I'm just joyful. The dryer buzzer just went off so I gotta go. But the pic will let you know what else is going on. Stop on by. We'll leave a light on fer ya!

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