Sunday, March 29, 2009

Out of Africa

Hedreich's concert series with The Spirit of Gospel choir played in Zürich to full houses. The 70 singers did an amazing job under the direction of Beat Dähler. The evening began "in Africa" showing the bitter conditions of slavery's beginnings as the rhythms and melodies were transported--captured and shackeled--across the Atlantic. West African music, field songs, early Spirituals, Gospels and even Soul displayed in all its' glory, the indomitable spirit of a people who managed to thrive in spite of crushing adversity.

Next up on Hedreich's agenda is a short stint with Polo Hofer. Check back by to get the details. We'll leave a light on for ya...

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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Middle Passage and Music

For those unfamiliar with the cruel story of the Middle Passage and the beginning of slavery in the US, tonight's concert in Zürich's Glaubten church will give you a picture of the spirit triumphant in the face of overwhelming odds. Hedreich will be the guest soloist in the second half of this Spirit of Gospel concert tracing the roots of Gospel and Pop through history all the way back to its' African origins. For details check out the calendar page.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Listen to "Listen"

Tonight's the night! At 9PM come by and listen to "Listen" here on!!!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Listen" Video Launch

For all the Hedreich fans who wanted to buy "Listen" you already know you'll have to wait for the full CD. Buuuuuttt...You can watch a specially mixed video here on just for you! When? We launch on Friday night at 21.00 CET. Drop by and let's make it a party!

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Too Hot Duett

Gölä's latest single turned pretty steamy with a few sultry phrases and some old school soul ad libs to take it out. In addition to Background vocals Hedreich and Gölä had some stuff to say to each other -- on wax. After that, Gölä got Hedreich to go Gospel-Blues-Soul on top of some mean Rock 'n Roll. It's gonna burn up the charts. Too bad you'll have to wait to find out if it's English or Swiss-German. We're not telling...

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Back on with Gölä

In between getting the video for "Listen" up and out and doing some composing, Hedreich finds time to get some tracks done with Switzerland's favorite working class singer after all. Hedreich, Gölä and Corrinne Gfeller (of We Will Rock You fame) are not only back on again, the session will taking place a day earlier. It seems there was some magic made that's just begging for a female touch! Stop back by to see how the day went. We'll keep a light on for ya...

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Studio Session with Gölä

The March 12th Balik studio session will go on as planned senza Hedreich's background vocals with Corrinne Gfeller of Zibblingz. At the moment, Switzerland's answer to Bruce Springsteen will be eschewing the SF1/ Musicstar controversy to concentrate on lead vocals and production before getting Hedreich back in to put on some final touches.

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