Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hard Knock Life

There are some times in life when it's full court press time. For those non-sports fans, that's the time when it's down to the wire in a basketball game and everybody is working overtime to win. Well, basketball ain't the only place where games need be be won. Life is one big ole playing field and if you're in it to win it, sometimes sleep, home cooking and the gym take a back burner because the business of winning the game requires nothing less than full concentration and overtime.  It's those times when you ignore the longing for a shower and massage and get your head completely in the game. Those moments feel like hard times. But, when it's all over, the final release is oh so sweet. When you shoot your best shot and watch that ball arch, wondering--no, knowing--no, hoping--no, praying-- that it will drop just right, it's an amazing, scary, awesome, scary, powerful, scary feeling. And that hard knock life? Well it turns into...Come back next month. I'm still waiting on the buzzer so cheer me on!